About Us

  PLANTATION SPOILED came about when I was searching for my own small place in the large industrial world of my Dad. Its not easy being a girl in a man's world, but I have been raised in it and think I can hold my own pretty well. We have had our own business my whole life and my dad built it from the ground up. I have been around it all, but just couldn't seem to find a place that fit, I have tried a lot, but nothing seemed to fit just right. So, I decided I would make my own spot in his world, just with a little twist.

        To back up a little we also have an outdoor company, Ranew's Outdoor Equipment, that we started a few years before Plantation Spoiled. It opened a lot of new doors for me in a slightly different world from the industrial side I had grown up in. I slowly started to see more and more where my place might be. I was raised in the woods and on the water and have always been a hunter and a lover of the outdoors. When we opened Ranews Outdoor Equipment it opened up a lot of understanding and knowledge of what it takes to make it in that industry and also what type of wonderful people that were in it. We have met so many amazing people with this new business and all of a sudden I felt like I had found my place in his big world and at that I could make it my world and make my own name in it.

       Now back to our PS story….So, as many people called me and my friends country spoiled or farm spoiled, because we have our own farm and get very used to just being in the woods, doing what we want, and having a good time. From that the name PLANTATION SPOILED was born. Something we wear very proudly and decided to brand and share with the world.

       Our line is southern outdoor inspired and can be customized to whatever you think will fit for you. We have a back yard wood shop feel with the knowledge and skills of the big industry world. Daddy has always told me you get what you pay for, and with us you will always be satisfied with the quality and time spent on your product. Our furniture is 100% American Made. We have our own saw mill at our barn to cut all of our own wood. We also have a metal shop in-house where all the customization happens. We paint and powder coat in-house as well so everything can be customized as much or as little as you like. My Mama has always told me to treat people like you want to be treated and we truly live and operate by that. We take pride in being old fashion and taking care of our customers. We do right by our people and make sure everyone is as happy as possible before leaving the PS Barn. We hope all of you will love our products and never hesitate to ask for custom work no matter how crazy you think it might be because we love a challenge and love to make a custom piece that you and your family will love and cherish forever.

       Now don't forget to take the long way home, turn your phone off, take a dirt road if you can and watch the sunset. Unwind a little and just be PLANTATION SPOILED for a while!